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26 Super Inspirational Quotes of Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus at Social Business Youth Summit 2014

1. Social Business is Creativity

Social Business is creativity

2. Learn 75% (This is First) Then Implement Rest 25%

Learn 75 (this is first) then implement rest 25

3. Create Network

Create network

4. Small is not a Problem Because You Can Handle It Easily. Its an Advantage.

Small is not a problem because you can handle it easily. It’s an advantage.

5. Whatever You Have Use This.

Whatever You Have Use This

6. One Individual Can Change The World.

One Individual Can Change The World


7. This is My Position, This is What I Am Going To Do.

This is My Position, This is What I Am Going To Do

8. Real is truth.

9. When you design your social business remember the technology.

10. We imagine things but we have to make it real.

11. Don’t underestimate yourself.

12. All people have potentiality just use it.

13. Human being is a fighter, human being is a creator.

14. Don’t let people put finger on you that you are unemployed.

15. Anybody can unplug anybody.

16. Education system is labor producing institution.
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17. Believe that you can yes you can.

18. Young people are becoming a community.

19. Crowed funding.

20. Find out the most priority basis problem.

21. You are not useless.

22. Ideas read idea.

23. You are not chasing money, you are chasing solutions.

24. Social business can solve social problems.

25. We are not job seekers, we are job givers.

26. * Making money is happiness, making other people happy is super happiness.

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