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3 Important Sources to Collect the Information for Writing an Outstanding Report

The report is a very familiar thing that every manager has to write it frequently or occasionally. There are many types of a report like a monthly report, seller report, market report, reports to the board, research report etc. A memo is sometimes considered as a short form of a report. Writing report is like explaining something in a short way. For writing an outstanding report we need to collect the information. The three important sources are below-

1. Information from the internal sources of the organization: Usually many information is available inside of the organization. When you are collecting information regarding the internal issues, you just need to bring them up. Check the list below-

* Organizations own sales resources.
* Newsletters, magazines
* Product brochures, magazine.
* Monthly reports, quarterly reports
* Meetings
* Reports and other information made by other departments.

2. Publicly available information: After you have all the information you got internally you can look ahead to collect information from the outside of the organization.

* Books and publications
* From internet (Google and other search engines, social media, many blogs and relative websites etc.)
* Directories or market research reports
* Business and trade research report.
* Newspapers, magazines and press release
* Many publications and report from many Government departments.
* Competitors catalogues, brochures, sales literature and annual report.

3. By talking with the people: You can collect this information from both inside and outside. You can conduct surveys; talk with peoples to get the information. Some points are below-

* Customers (survey them on phone, internet or face to face)
* Experts from both inside and outside of the organization. You can have more specialist information from them.
* From suppliers you can have more information about costing and availability of materials and many more.

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