Marketing 5 Key Factors To Build Strong Customer Relationship

Published on December 8th, 2014 | by Md Mehedi


5 Key Factors To Build Strong Customer Relationship

Marketing is the philosophy of business. It is the science and art of finding, retaining and growing profitable customers. There have many factors which are important for building the customer relationship. Marketing starts before production and ends with customer satisfaction. Happy and satisfied customers are the best promoters of the business, At the same time, dissatisfied customers are not favourable for your business. They won’t buy anything moreover they will tell the people around them about their experience and discourage them not to buy. Here are the 5 important key factors to building long-term customer relationship-

1. The customer is always right: It’s true that every customer is not same. They have different views, choices, behaviour etc. So the strategy should be customer oriented and it needs to make sure that customers are satisfied with whatever they got. It will obviously help for building long-term relationship. Though customer is not always nice for the shake of building relationship, marketers should consider customer is always right.

2. Delivering superior customer value and satisfaction: Customer value and satisfaction is the main tools to building and managing the profitable customer relationship. If the product failed to meet the expectation of a customer then the customer become dissatisfied. If the customer got exactly what he expects when he became satisfied and if the product fulfils more than the expectation the customer become highly satisfied and satisfied customers repeat the purchase and tell others about their good experience and this way the company build a great relationship with customers.

3. Selecting target market: Every human being is different, similarly, every customer is different. So different strategies should apply to cope up with this different types customers. If the total market can be divided into small segments to capture the maximum value then it will be easier to make customers happy. Target market helps to deliver more exactly what a customer needs. Thus it helps to build strong customer relationship.

4. Ensuring delicate balance between Price and Quality: Price and quality are the front elements that deals directly with the customers. Some customers may be willing to pay a bit higher price in order to get good quality. At the same time some other may not consider this. To them price is very sensitive. That’s why delicate balance of price and quality is very important to retain the customers and build long-term customer relationship.

5. Think long-term: Temporary success may help a certain period of time to grow but if it fails to build loyal customers then that temporary success means nothing. So it’s very important to entrust customers with your brand and obviously that will help to grow long-term relationship with the customers.

Customers are the king of your business and your product is the queen. To make a long-term profitable relationship with the customer it requires to make the king fall in love with the queen. This way a profitable customer relationship building.

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