Business 6 ways to reduce the problem of low per capita income as well as low standard of living of Bangladesh

Published on May 6th, 2014 | by Md Mehedi

6 Important Ways To Reduce The Problem of Low Per Capita Income as well as Low Standard of Living of Bangladesh

A country’s standard of living mostly depends on the economic condition of the citizens of that country. Per capita income is the thing that is very much important and high per capita income is required to develop the economic condition. Unfortunately, the per capita income of Bangladesh is lower than the other developing countries. However, there have some ways to reduce the problem of low per capita income as well as the low standard of living. The ways of reducing the problem of low per capita income and standard of living are below:

  1. Make people skilled: Most of the people of Bangladesh are living below the poverty line. The fact is maximum people of Bangladesh young and they have the working capability. If we can make them skilled then it will be easier to make an earning member of that family. Then ultimately the problem of poverty will go.
  2. Decrease the population growth rate and make them asset: First of all, we should hold the population growth rate by making them aware. We can make many campaigns to reduce the population growth rate. In different perspective view the more people a country has the more asset they have if they can make them skilled. Education is one of the most important things that creates the difference. If we can educate the people, the overpopulation will become an asset instead burden.
  3. Education: An educated nation is more and more powerful and economically strong. Education is the prerequisite to increasing the standard of living, currently, almost 65% people of Bangladesh are considered as educated people but this rate must be above 90%. Though this can’t be done overnight we can take steps to increase the education rate. Education enlightens us and open the door to success.
  4. Entrepreneurship: If every people search job then naturally the employment rate fall down. So the main key to escape from this problem is creating more field of employment. For creating new employment opportunity we must encourage people to become an entrepreneur and create a sound environment. Entrepreneurship is an art that drives people to do something different and stand out from the crowd. Entrepreneurs create the job opportunity then ultimately the unemployment problem and lack of job opportunity problem will be solved.
  5. Social awareness: We can make people aware of the curse of wrong decision that happens in illiterate society. The wrong decisions are like early marriage, dowry, superstition, wrong social laws etc. In fact when people become educated then ultimately the society become conscious. So making the society aware is very important to enrich the standard of living.
  6. Adopt technology: Nowadays technology becomes the daily bread of lifestyle. Many young people of Bangladesh are using internet which is really a positive sign. If we can use technology positively then we can bring so many positive changes. It’s really a heaven gift of modernization. The Internet is the most valuable gift of modern technology. There have almost everything which is available on the web. Whenever we search anything on Google we got every solution which is really a blessing. Most of the young people use Facebook which is really a good way of communication. In a word, we should adopt the technology that will surely increase the standard of living and ultimately develop the economic status.

Increasing the per capita income and standard of living of Bangladesh is a continuous process. The above 6 important ways will help to improve the standard of living as well as per capita income. Along with this, we should continue the good work and initiative.

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