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“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”
-Milan Kundera


Welcome to MEAMMarketing.com. Since April 2012 MEAM Marketing is teaching people about the innovation of marketing. Marketing is the art of business. It’s the science of people’s psychology. Not great product can only make sells. Strategical marketing and innovation that ends with the customer satisfaction.

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The aim of MEAM Marketing is to help and inspire small business, entrepreneurs, startup CEO’s and founders with the marketing and business related tips and tricks. The MEAM Editorial Team is always committed to motivate with new inspiration. The most important thing for the great achievement is team work. 

We posts which are targeted to improve and develop Entrepreneurial skills. We also write on the topics of Leadership, Technology and others.

Hopefully if you do decide to follow MEAM Marketing, you’ll enjoy reading content that inspires and motivates you to push yourself in your entrepreneurial journey and create one that you desire.

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