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Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Trade Association and Their Activities

Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

It is an association of industrialists traders and businessman who belongs to the particular city or district. Its management is conducted by the elected office bearers. Govt. has also right to appoint some members while preparing the commercial and fiscal policy government considers the recommendations of the chambers of commerce.

The function of a chamber of Commerce:

1.To promote trade, commerce and industry.
2.To advise to the government.
3.To collect and preserve data.
4.Comment on legislative rules and resolution.
5.To arrange forums for exchanging views.
7.Issuance of certificate of origin.
8.To arrange seminar, symposium and trade fair.
9.To publish the journal.
12.A representative of members.

London Chamber of Commerce

Advantages of Chamber of Commerce :

1. It promotes the trade and commerce activities.
2. It protects the interest of the members.
3. It collects and provides the information’s regarding trade and industry to the members.
4. It settles the disputes among the members.

Trade Association: 

It is a voluntary association of industrialists traders and merchants who belong to the same nature of the business. The trade association main objective is to protect the economic interests of the members. It also encourages the friendly relations among the members. Every trade association elects its office bearers to look after the interest of the members. This association also provides necessary information’s to the members of the business. Wood merchants, iron merchants and leather trading association are the examples of Trade Association. Trade associations also establish its common fund. Each member contributes the fund. This fund is used to obtain the common objectives.

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