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Essential Elements of Classified Advertisement

We come across classified advertisements on the second and some sub-subsequent pages of national and local dailies and specialized websites. They are in such a small print and seem to be so unceremoniously hustled into crowded columns bursting the seams. They are described as ‘classified’ because they are grouped into different classes or under different heads like ‘situations vacant’, ‘situations wanted’, ‘property for sale/purchase’, ‘matrimonials’, etc.

Classified advertisements are not sales promotion advertisements. They are not inserted to attract ‘buyers’ in the usual sense of the term. They act as a means of bringing together two parties that need each other. If in the ‘situation vacant’ column/section there appears an advertisement for the post of a stenographer, then the person advertising the post and the persons aspiring to it are equally in need of each other. The advertiser has simply to inform them that he needs one of them. Since all advertisement has to pay for, he can afford to spend the minimum.

Characteristics of A Good Classified Advertisement

1. Brevity and conciseness: A classified advertisement is like a telegram. The cost of a telegram varies with the number of words used in it. Even punctuation marks have to be paid for. So we take pains to keep it brief and concise. Classified advertisements are as brief as a telegram.

2. Completeness: An advertisement is not an end in itself. It leads to correspondence, interviews, meetings, travelling, etc., that cost a great deal. If all the requirements are fully and clearly spelt out in the advertisement itself, only right parties will approach the advertiser, and a great deal of needless expenditure will be avoided.

It is very important to emphasise that completeness should never be sacrificed in deference to brevity. Five to ten additional words in the advertisement would not cost as much as an unnecessary interview or meeting.

3. Clarity: There should be nothing ambiguous in the advertisement. If a vacancy is being advertised, the nature of the job, qualifications and experience required, salary promised, when and how to apply, should be clearly mentioned.

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