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Features of a Public Relations Letter


Public relation letters, or goodwill letters, are friendly letters periodically sent by organisations to their customers or prospects. Their main function is to convey a friendly, usually unexpected, messages that build goodwill and brightens the image of the organisation among the general public. Letters of thanks, congratulations, and sympathy are examples of public relations letters. Since these letters come to the recipient rather unexpectedly, they come as a pleasant surprise and are always welcome. The importance of writing such letters has been realized only recently

Features of a public relations letter

Public relations letters can be broadly classified as: 

1. Letters of congratulation,
2. Letters of appreciation,
3. Letters of sympathy,
4. Seasonal greetings,
5. Letters offering favours or thanks for favours received.

Features of A Public Relations Letter

We all know the meaningless of congratulations that are not warm and sympathy that is not sincere. It does not really require a sixth sense to distinguish honesty and sincerity from hypocrisy and pretence. If a person greets us or condoles with us in a formal manner, we are strung by lack of feeling in his words. Such words can carry no goodwill. So public relations letters must be very honest and sincere.

In a state of deep feeling, people often go mute. They feel happy if someone shares their feelings with them, but are repelled by the flow of unnecessary words. Besides, if we fill our messages with dispensable details, the actual message is likely to get lost. So a public relations letter must be very short and direct. 

Sales letter are a genuine and legitimate tool for any organization and efficient executives effectively use them. But a public relations letter should not be used to emphasise a sales point. If the recipient gets even a faint hint that he is being persuaded to buy something, he feels trapped and cheated.

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