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Information Technology in Business Communication

Information and technology is that magic which has changed the face of the world. The backbone of IT (Information & Technology) is the worldwide computer network achieved by using special cables and telephone lines and also wireless means. IT works by two means: email (Electronic mail) and WWW (World Wide Web). Email enables us to send any documents, message, photographs, music, greeting cards, videos and so on across the world.

On the other hand, WWW is like an endless mine with millions of computer websites around the globe. All sorts of detailed information are resident on these websites and can be accessed and used by anyone for his/her benefits. We can always remain in touch with the world by knowing all the important news fresh for IT. For it, we can interact with people and machinery remotely. Thanks to this miraculous technology, the barriers of age, time and space are being removed.

The hassle of travelling miles for shopping, education, consulting a doctor, etc. is vanishing steadily. Now we can do home-shopping (e-Commerce), telebanking, video conference and so on from home. One does not have to go abroad to study a subject from a college or varsity. One is able to it from one’s home for IT.

It’s our blessing of modern technology. Now life becomes easier than ever before. We can get news over the world or we can be connected with the world by just using a small device which can put in our pocket. We can communicate over the world within seconds. So the communication also become much easier and we can’t think a moment without it.

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