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Super 5 Effective Tips for Every Startup Founder

It is important for every Startup Founders to stay effective and productive. But it’s really not easy to be effective and productive always. There are several fundamental problems that almost every Founder face. The supportive work environment and a great teamwork may bring success. At the same time the role of Startup Founders toward the organization should be supportive and friendly (but not friend). Founders should encourage the team and they need to believe in the team.

A research report shows that when an employee gets a great working environment with the appreciation of his good work and recognition for the achievement then that employee, as well as the team, can successfully bring a great result.

Becoming an efficient and successful founder is not something that can gain overnight. They need to work hard, learn new things and continuous practice of being efficient. The super 5 effective tips for Startup Founders are as follows-

#1. Plan Everything:

Plan Everything | Photo: Y Combinator

Plan Everything | Photo: Y Combinator

Well, planning is an essential tool for bringing a good outcome. For being efficient every Founders should plan everything before the start that particular task. Planning is an important part of good management task. A good way to practice planning in everyday’s life is, maintaining a To Do list. For maintaining a good and effective To DO list founders can follow Google’s K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple, Stupid) formula which may be a good example for maintaining the To Do. Planning too much with complicated tasks may not be effective. Try to put the important tasks first then put others in order to importance. The important thing is to keep it simple and clean. Planning next days task as well as creating a To Do list before starting the day may bring effectiveness. The best time for doing this is before going to sleep.

# 2. Note Important Things:

There is a poem,

“It’s possible to erase
What is written in ink,
It’s not possible to erase
What is written with water.”

The reason for mentioning this is unlike the poem your thoughts may vanish if you don’t write it down. Sometime a great idea may come into your head but if you don’t write it and keep it, your great idea may go forever.

Keeping a short notebook may be a great way to cultivate your ideas and plans. You can still have digital note apps on your smartphones or iPad. Some popular apps for taking notes are like Evernote, Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, Wunderlist (for To Do). But having a paper notebook and a pen is really awesome when you truly need something to take note.

#3. Be Organized:

This is a special advice for Startup Founders. One of the most obstacles that they face is not doing their tasks in a systematic way. If you follow the tip #1 (Planning) then it will be easy to be organized. When you will be organized your productivity and excellence will increase for sure.

#4. Physical Exercise:

The importance of physical exercise for Startup Founders is immeasurable. Most founders think working whole day is the only thing they need to do. But a founder is a human, they shouldn’t forget it. A founder is a leader who shows the way, goes the way and achieve the success. Exercising regularly is a great way to be more effective and productive to work. Rising early in the morning then walking or running in the fresh morning air for a while is an excellent way to keep you fit. For rising early in the morning you should also remember that you need to go to sleep early. A 6-7 hours sound sleep is very essential for a Startup Founder. A healthy body and healthy mind are perfect for making difference. Try to be an early bird rather being a night owl.

#5. Relax:

This is the last and most important recommendation for the Startup Founders. Anxiety and over thinking never bring good things. As a Startup Founder, you may have to face many hard situations, some of them are maybe worst. But whatever it is, you just need to relax. Keep your mind cool, think wisely. Have confidence and believe in yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and shout as loudly as you can, “I will be the success!”.

These are the 5 super cool tips for Startup Founders. Keep following these tips, never waste a moment and grab success! If you liked this post, please share it with your friends.

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