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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Smartwatch

In ancient time people were depended on the sun to check the status of the day. They thought it is morning when they saw the sun on the east bank of the sky. Similarly, when the sun was at the middle of the sky they understood it is the middle of the day and when the sun was at the western sky the realized it is almost the end of the day. In this way, they calculate the day and they also use the shadow for exact calculation.

Time has been changed. The giant wristwatch brands like Rado, Tissot, Omega, Rolex etc. made amazing watches which is really awesome and people use wrist watches for checking the time, day and date.
But this is 2015, right? We are living in the very modern age. The modern technologies are giving us so many surprises and Smartwatch is the latest gift of the modern technology. The Smartwatch device is the newest thing in the tech market. However, there are some best Smartwatch in the market and some other super cool Smartwatch is on the way to the market. Top Smart Watches are including Apple Watch (just released some weeks ago) and Top Android Wear platform Smart Watches are Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Asus ZenWatch, Pebble Smartwatch etc. One other great Smartwatch of Huawei is Huawei Watch which is not released yet. The release date of Huawei Watch is July 2015. However nowadays for being more efficient and enjoying your lifestyle you should have a Smartwatch and wear it. 

The top 10 reasons for wearing a Smartwatch is below:

#1 For Watching Time:

The fundamental reason for wearing a watch is to check the time. But checking the time is not the only task a Smartwatch can do. Because it is a Smartwatch, so for sure you can expect and get more smart features. Smart features including checking the dual time zone. Like you can check the time in New York and on the same screen you can also see the time of London. This is brilliant obviously.

#2 Lifestyle & Fashion:

Smartwatch is not only smart in its work, it is also looking smart. The fashion trends are changing every day. Now you will find many designs of smartwatches. For example, the brand new Apple Watch has 6 different categories design of the same watch and each category has different types. Some of the categories are like Sports Band, Classic Buckle, Link Bracelet and so on. They also have the 18 karat Gold case edition. Actually segmenting the product line is a strategy for capturing the maximum market share.

Similarly, Android Wear watches has also a wide variety. Moto 360, Samsung Gear, LG G Watch R, Asus ZenWatch, Pebble Steel etc has also different designs which are stylish and has a wide range of features.
So Smartwatch will definitely push your lifestyle & fashion to the next level.

#3 It’s More Personal:

Smartwatch is more personal. The Smartwatch in your hand is not just a watch. It’s probably your best friend. It will assist you to make your life more easy, beautiful and effective. You can control it on your own way. Your Smartwatch can understand what next you want. It will save your time and makes you more effective in order to your wish. Because it’s more personal.

#4 Checking Notification:

Smartwatch will give you the timely updates at a glance. Most Smartwatch has the feature that displays timely notifications based on where you are and what you are doing, so you always stay on the track. Smartwatch will give you the weather updates, flights alerts, traffic information, calendar events. And it’s all as simple as a glance at your Smartwatch.

#5 Voice Control:

Voice control is another great feature of your Smartwatch. Your Smartwatch will respond to your voice. The voice control feature is an amazing function which makes things easy to get it done. All you need to say is ‘OK Google’ for Android Wear platform and ‘Siri’ for Apple Watch. You will be able to send texts, set a reminder, check the weather, get the directions and so on.

Moto 360 Smartwatch MEAM Marketing

Moto 360 Smartwatch | Photo:

#6 Fitness:

Most of the Smartwatch comes with the built-in activity tracker which will inspire you a healthy lifestyle. You can record your activity level and receive coaching advice. Your Smartwatch will motivate you to fulfil your fitness goals. You can check your heart rate & activity, steps & distance, calories burned, analysis and you will get the guideline.

#7 Control & Check Your Smartphone:

Now you don’t have to bring your smartphone out of your pocket. You can get your favourite app’s notification right on your Smartwatch. You can check Facebook messenger, Whats App, Pinterest, Phone messages and other app updates.

#8 Smartwatch Saves Time:

In this present world, there is a saying, 

“Time is Money”

Smartwatch can reduce the time you have to spend on your phone. You can check almost necessary everything from your Smartwatch without bringing out your smartphone. You can even take/reject phone calls or send text/voice message. You can also use your Smartwatch as a remote control of your phone like you can take photos. There are many other things you can do with your Smartwatch and these things will save your valuable time.

#9 Smartwatch Will Makes Your Life Easier:

In this modern world with the help of technology, our life becomes easier and comfortable. Smartwatch is the next device you should have. It will make your life much easier and comfortable.

#10 Smartwatch is The Future of Wrist Watch:

This is the last reason but probably the important reason. Smartwatch industry is growing rapidly and the future of this industry is bright. In coming days there will be more brilliant Smartwatch in the market. And it is the device a smart guy like you should wear from morning to sleep. 

What’s your best reason for having and wearing a Smartwatch? Comment that below and let others know. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends!

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