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Top Ten Objectives of A Sales Letter

Sales Letter: 
Publicity has a very important role to play in a competitive society. No business can be done successfully without publicity in one or the other form. With increasing competition in trade and industry, with a vast array of brands and varieties available in the market, but with the funds at the disposal of consumers continuously shrinking, no businessman finds it easy to sell his goods. It is because of this that the art of salesmanship is needed in every business activity. Salesmanship assumes different forms. Publicity and advertising are an impersonal form of salesmanship, and a sales letter is just a part of publicity and advertisement.

Top Ten Objectives of A Sales Letter

As a part of salesmanship, a sales letter has to “educate, persuade and convince” the customer to buy a particular product or service. The objectives of a sales letter are as follows-

1. It has the immediate objective of promoting the sales of a product, a service or an idea.

2. It introduces new goods in the market more effectively, quickly, at a lower cost and in a wider area.

3. It introduces the salesman to the prospects even before the former has called on them because it reaches them earlier than the salesman and thus keeps them informed.

4. It widens the market for existing products without much cost.

5. Repeated appearance of a sales letter has the effect of a reminder. It helps the customer to remember the product or the service of a firm whenever he is in need of it.

6. It educates the customers in selecting the right type of goods and also in the better understanding of products and services.

7. It creates and maintains goodwill among the customers by offering quality products and services.

8. It is the main source of securing orders for a Mail Order Business House.

9. It functions as a salesman (with it force of persuasion, education and conviction) wherever a salesman cannot visit the customers.

10. It also keeps the customers constantly in touch with the company and its products and services.

A sample sales letter is shown below:

Sample sales letter

Sample sales letter

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