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What Millennials Want From Brand SMS Messages

Various studies published over the last few years consistently confirm millennials prefer to communicate with brands via SMS over any other marketing channel.

However, marketers should be cautious about the type of text messages you send millennials. Generation Y are a complicated age group and only want to receive useful messages, not marketing.

For example, a study conducted by Research Corp confirms students (at the younger end of the millennial brackets), are more likely to respond immediately to a text message from a brand within an hour.

The report also reveals this age group think SMS and social networks should be off limits for marketers. Millennials want to reserve personal communication channels for personal matters.

Understanding the millennial mindset


The majority of brands struggle to break down the barriers of millennials because they focus on traditional marketing methods. Millennials are too wise to age-old marketing tactics. Outdated strategies will not persuade savvy customers to part with their money.

Contrary to popular belief, millennials do spend money on goods and services, they just spend in different ways. The priorities for the 18-34-year-olds is technology, activities and socialising.

Consumer spending is changing as attitudes towards lifestyle change. The economic crisis has dissuaded the younger generation from getting married and buying a house. The idea of 2.4 children is no longer the status quo of what life should be.

The internet also provides modern consumers with more choices. It is a custom these days to find the best deals and most reputable brands by researching online before making a purchasing decision.

The mistake many brands make when targeting Millennials via an SMS messaging service is to send too many marketing messages. Generation Y are only interested in receiving text messages that offer value.

How to use SMS messaging to Millennials

Before embarking on an SMS messaging campaign, marketers should understand what values drive 18-34 year-olds. Together with satisfaction, passion and diversity, younger generations are looking for companies they can trust and brands that have social and moral standards.

When painting a picture of your audience, think of the type of lifestyle they have versus the type of lifestyle they would like to have. How can your product and services, and your customer service, make their life easier?

Millennials acknowledge the value of a customer service when brands take simple steps to make them feel as though they are receiving good customer service.

For example, a paper published by OpenMarket revealed Millennials prefer to receive text messages from companies that provide useful information; appointment reminders, delivery tracking, payment reminders and confirmations.

But millennials also prefer SMS to engage in a two-way conversation with brands. Modern consumers like the speed, convenience and ease of use SMS offers. So encourage two-way conversations.

Brands that have the most success with SMS messaging services understand the mindset and priorities of Millennials. Be realistic about their lifestyle choices and make an extra effort to keep them informed and involved.

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