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Why The Force of Your Dream Should Be Faster Than The Light?

Dream is the precious and sweetest thing a man ever can have. People achieve things because once they dream it to have it. Usually, we sleep at night and wake up in the morning. In the night we see or do many things in our dream. This is one kind of dream. There is another type of dream and that is the actual dream what we see when we are awake. Generally, we dream to do something, achieve something, go somewhere or something like this. Dreaming of our heart and working to achieve it is the actual dream.

Ex-President of India Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said that,

“Dreams are not those which comes while we are sleeping, but dreams are those when you don’t sleep before fulfilling them.”

The term imagination is close to dreaming but it has a difference between dream and imagination. Both are untouchable and do in our mind. However, there have some differences between dream and imagination. One of my friend who loves to travel the universe in mind and loves to put an adventurous tag on his name once told me this,

“When you listen to your mind and inner feelings that gives you something exception and for that, you will be surprisingly amazed that is the imagination. It can be real or fancy. When you will set your target and try to implement your imagination in a real situation that’s give you spirit and you feel goosebumps that’s the dream.

The basic difference is feelings, work, implementation, spirit and so on.”

One hot summer, I felt so hot and it was sweating from my whole body though I took bath few times. Then I went to my room and switched on the electric fan and without delaying any moment I saw the fan started working. Then I had some curiosity that which force is fastest; even light and sound force is also fast. I did some search on Google but my confusion wasn’t clear though I knew the light is faster than sound. I posted a question on my Facebook account and then my friends clear my confusion. The force of light is fastest than anything in the world, then I felt oh! Okay! Light has the fastest speed but trusts me I am still believing that the force of our dream should be fastest than the force of light! Well, it sounds interesting that why the force of our dream should be faster than the light? There have thousands of reasons that why our dream force should be faster than anything in the world.

We came into the world alone and we will return alone but the fact is why we came in this world? There may have significant reasons and purposes for coming on this earth showed by our religion, well that’s fine. Now think it on yourself. Before 100 years ago you were not in this world and after 100 years you will not live in this world. Now it’s a matter of fact to think. Isn’t it?

Our time is short and it’s the high time to spend it with you, yes you! If you are not spending the time to fulfil your dream then maybe you will never be able to achieve your dream. You will only get one chance, I mean one life. You have to live your dream and you need to wake up and start working to fulfil your dream. Your burning desire will make you passionate and confident towards your dream. Again If you think you will make your dream into a reality that’s not enough, you need to believe it and for believing your dream you need to be crazy to achieve it. If the force of your dream is faster than the force of light (read anything else in the world) then you become more constant towards achieving your dream.

Live your dream, be crazy, close your ear, keep working and make your dream come true! Good luck! 

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